About SuperFox


As an art teacher in a former life, I’ve found I’m happiest when I’m creating.

I worked on my knitting skills while on bed rest for months with my first child, making a pair of shorties for him as we knew we were going to use cloth diapers. Knitting became my one real creative outlet during the long months of colic that followed his arrival as it was something I could do while wearing him and pacing the neighborhood or hallways. It helped me deal with the anxiety and sadness I felt as I struggled to soothe him and figure out my new role as mama.

Thankfully he’s much happier these days and so am I but I find that knitting fits perfectly into my life as mama to two energetic little ones. I can be found knitting at the park or in the backyard when they’ve decided that they want to play on their own, in those precious rare moments when they both fall asleep in the car (I park the car…no knitting and driving!), as I walk my daughter around the neighborhood before bedtime, and in the evenings as we watch our nerdy Netflix shows.

I give each pair the same care, quality, and attention as I do for the items that I make for my own children. I love having the opportunity to create things for others and I sincerely thank each one of you who allows me to keep doing so.


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